PCSHOP.COM is for sale. It can be yours for your best fair offer
PCSHOP.com is only a domain name, not a company.


A good domain name is relatively short.
A good domain name is memorable.
A good domain name isn't easily confused with others.
A good domain name is hard to misspell.
A good domain name relates to your business name or core business
A good domain name sounds solid to your target audience.

A good domain name has a extension of .com



"PCSHOP.COM" is the best domain for any Computer related business among million of other domains. Simple, Memorable and understandable in any language in the world. I was offered over one point three Million Dollar for this domain in the year 2000 but I did not sell it. Now I am happy with much less and any reasonable offer will be considered seriously.


If you're planning to start a big Computer related business or expanding your existing established company, this is the way forward. Now days for 1 single minute of advertisement on a well watched TV programme, you pay something like 100 thousand dollars and what would be the point to spend that much when you don't have a right domain to go with it?


Even if you have a running successful established business, still you can activate this domain name and start trading with the same stuff, within the same establishment.

 It means running a second business parallel to the main one under this unique domain on a International level. This would be a guaranty that in case something went wrong with your main business, this sister company can come and rescue. 


There are many articles on the web that tells you why a good domain name is so important for a successful business. ArtUFrame.com bought Art.com and immediately doubled their sales. A memorable, catchy domain name can make a lot of difference in setting you apart from the crowd -- even if you have to pay a lot of money for a great name that someone already owns. A great domain name can go a long way to launching or revitalizing a successful online business.

The best things particularly about "PCSHOP.COM" is the fact that it was never used commercially before. so it does not have any history of any kind that you inherited with it, I bought this domain many years ago to give it to my daughter when she grow up to start her on business but she developed no interest for computer and anything related to. few times people offered reasonable money to rent this domain but I always feared that they use it for dodgy  activities and leave a bad trace behind.

Second good thing about this domain is the two words of "PC" and "SHOP" have similar meaning in any language in the world. Even if in German or Russian language the word "SHOP" may not exist but still they understand it and use it occasionally.


About 12 years ago I placed some general information about Computers on this site and from the first day I had thousands of hit every day coming from all over the world. Ask yourself if you sit in front of your computer and decide to buy a PC or PC related items, what domain name comes to your mind first? Regardless if you are in Chicago or Amsterdam or Tanzania.


The extension Dot Com ".com" simply means or looks like that you have been in the market for a very long time. No other Domain extensions will have such a Nobel effect. research has shown that customer trust .com domains more than any other series of domains.


Visitors coming to your site via search engines or organic links will pay attention mostly to the name and not to the URL. The next time they want to visit your site it is very likely that they will just type its name followed by a .com. Guess what, if you are not there when they hit enter they will just go somewhere else. Example: Darren Rowse created his popular blog on Problogger.net. Despite having a strong brand, some visitors were still going to Problogger.com. After a couple of years Darren decided to buy the .com version for a lot of money and redirect it to his site, so that no more visitors would leak.

"PCSHOP.COM" is vividly descriptive. Many visitors will come to your site through the search engines and via direct links on other websites. That is, they will come if the domain that they will see will be appealing.

Having a descriptive domain name will give visitors an idea of what your site is about even before they enter it. If related keywords are present in the domain it might also help your search engine rankings.

Example: You would be able to guess what TelevisionGuides.com is about even before visiting it right?

Put it in another way. Suppose you are searching for a movie review. You make a quick search in Google. The first result comes from MikesLair.com. The second result comes from MoviesCentral.com. Which one would you rather click?


"PCSHOP.COM" is easy to spell, because the last thing you want is visitors misspelling your domain and ending up somewhere else. Example: CappuccinoBar.com is easy but might be problematic for English speaking visitors. Cappuccino is an Italian word, and not everyone is aware where the doubles are placed.


"PCSHOP.COM" is brandable. A brandable domain will have a nice pronunciation, an interesting combination of letters or simply an appealing visual effect. Sometimes they will not be descriptive, but they can be equally efficient.

Brandable domains will make your visitors associate the name with your website and its content


"PCSHOP.COM" does not contain hyphens or numbers. Domain names containing hyphens and numbers are cheaper for a reason. They suffer the same problem of domains not using a .com extension or with complex spelling.


Consider Tech-World.com. The names that will stick in people’s mind are “tech” and “world.” Many visitors will just forget the hyphen along the way. Eventually they will try to access your site by typing TechWorld.com, in vain.


Numbers, on the other hand, will confuse people with the spelling. Suppose you registered Tech5.com. Visitors might mix it with TechFive.com, if they manage to remember the number in the first place!


Example: Coolest-Gadgets.com is an extremely popular gadget blog, with over 70,000 RSS subscribers. With such a huge readership you get people often typing the domain directly on the address bar. Needless to say that many of them would just forget to add the hyphen. The owner of the site bought CoolestGadgets.com afterwards to fix the problem.


Hope I did not bore you with the above information I was trying to advertise for the Gold Mine I am selling. I wish it goes to a good hand and brings back thousand times more than what he  or she pays for it. so let me sum up important points


Final words: I guess £50,000.00 ($83,000.00) is a fair and very reasonable price for this domain. I've been told the real price today is in a region of $800,000 to $1m but I am not that greedy. However there are many websites that are expert in this field and some will give you free estimate. Check it out before you contact me and make sure it is a worth what you are paying for. The price I am asking is equivalent to the price you would pay for just couple of minutes advertisement on a TV channel  in a good program


I would consider any reasonable offer seriously as long as it is not far below my targeted price. I am not in any desperate situation to sell it quickly therefore if you are interested, don't wait too long and don't try to bargain too much.


Please Note
If you have any question you can send me an E-mail directly on "imaniradjam@yahoo.com" and please on subject write "PCSHOP" as I delete any junk mail without opening it.


Please do not hesitate to ask any question you have. You can call me directly on my Landline "UK 01772 / 200268" or My Mobile " UK 07834118336".  If you are calling from outside UK These numbers would be 0441772200268 and 0447834118336. Best time to call is between 10:30 to 12:00 am or 10:30 to 12:00 pm. Please do not leave any message on my answering machine as I never listen to it.


Good Luck